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From: Nicolas Castagne (Nicolas.Castagne@imag.fr)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 13:37:24 EDT

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    I need draw many different circles with different colors on a form (but
    not in a free object).... and i have problems with colors.

    To draw these circles, i use a FL_FREE_COL and process that way :

    fl_mapcolor(FL_FREE_COL1, r1,g1,b1)
    fl circf(position1, size1..., FL_FREE_COL1)
            /*draw the first circle*/

    fl_mapcolor(FL_FREE_COL1, r2,g2,b2)
    fl circf(position2, size2..., FL_FREE_COL1)
            /*draw the first circle*/

    .... etc....

    I use only one of the FREE_COL because I have to draw many circles...

    It is usually OK, but sometimes a strange behavior happens :
    some of the circles are redrawn with one of the r,g,b values I used (not
    always the same of course :) ), so that they have the same color...

    Sometimes the circles seem to behave like usual XFORMS objects (boxes,
    buttons...), and are drawn with the curent rgb values of the FL_COLOR they
    were drawn with, sometimes they keep the rgb values used when the fl_circf
    was called - which is much more interesting for me...

    How could I draw using a large variety of colors ? Do I need to use a
    gl_canvas object ?



    Nicolas Castagne
    ACROE (Association pour la creation et la recherche sur les outils
    INPG, Grenoble.

    tel : 04 76 57 43 39

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