XForms: FL_RSHADOW_BOX and Linux

From: Dominik Gehl (gehl@IRO.UMontreal.CA)
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 13:25:43 EDT

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    I'm using xforms 0.89 under Linux (RedHat 6.0) and I'm having the
    following problem: when I try to use a button with boxtype
    FL_RSHADOW_BOX, the form will not "work" any more, i.e. the only thing
    visible on the form (after compilation and in fdesign test) will be
    the background-screen like if every pixel currently visible on
    the screen would be copied into the form itself when it is loaded.
    Does anyone else have the same problem? Why does this happen? Any


    P.S. Everything is fine under SunOS 5.6!!
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