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From: T.C. Zhao (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 13:09:58 EDT

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    --- Clive A Stubbings <> wrote:

    > Realistically, if we are going to use TAB based navigation (and this
    > seems to
    > be what my users expect) then it should be applied consistantly.
    > Users are not
    > aware that there is a distinction between single and multi-line
    > inputs (and
    > there is no reason why they should be).
    There is a reason why this is so. Unless we say TAB is an invalid
    character for multi-line input, it's just not possible
    to distinguish an valid input for the input field and
    a focus switching request. I am not ready to ditch TAB
    entirely for multiline input field.
    > The problem I have is that there is a multiline input field in the
    > middle of
    > a form.. TAB navigation stops at this point, which rather de-values
    > it and
    > confuses users.
    No disagreement here. The problem is there is no obvious fix
    for this except ditching TAB for multiline input. Also, I
    believe that the behavior of xforms is consistent with some
    other toolkits wrt the focus switching policy.

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