Re: XForms: Segmentation fault in fl_initialize()

From: Gerald Emig (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 03:10:18 EDT

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    Steve Lamont wrote:

    > > "In MapColor [flcolor.c 816] ColormapFull. Using subsititutions"
    > Does your app produces the same message before it dies? Can you
    > provide a traceback from the coredump. Even without line numbers it
    > still may be instructive to see where things break.

    The message doesn't accur.
    Sorry that I don't know how to create such a traceback.

    Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:

    > This is typical of using a glibc 2.0 xforms library on a glibc2.1
    > system (on linux). We seem to have two bug reports a week for LyX
    > which are due to this.

    This seems to be the main reason.
    I should have taken this into account because this is exactly the same
    effect that I had with my own software.

    The true reason seems to be the version numbering system of the linux
    shared libraries (major and minor numbers) which leads to these problems:
    You can easily mix several different libraries without getting warned
    about this. (greetings from MS-Win*)

    Rob Fletcher wrote:

    > Have you tried running netscape with a private colormap ...
    > % netscape -install
    > It might be better to fix the netscape problem, rather than try to fix
    > all the other applications which are barfing.

    This works very well in my situation, thank you for the hint. On the other
    hand programmers should be thankfull that such resource eating software
    like netscape exists to get their own software debugged.

    Thank you all for your suggestions,

            Gerald Emig (gme)

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