Re: XForms: flimage_display() problem

From: T.C. Zhao (
Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 14:30:59 EDT

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    I just tried the test program (thanks for taking the time
    writing it), and it did not work correctly for packed RGB image.
    To make it work, add
       img->type = FL_IMAGE_PACKED;
    after img->modified = 1; in draw_image() function.

    What happens is as follows:
    During first display, the packed image is converted into RGB image,
    which is then displayed. Since RGB and packed images
    are identical, the type of image is changed to RGB.

    On your second try, you changed the packed data, and
    properly set the modified field to 1. The display routine
    re-generated the image from the (presumed) new RGB data.
    In reality, the RGB data hasn't changed.

    So by forcing the image type to the data you're changing,
    the display does the right thing.

    Not sure at this point what to do about this problem,
    but one thing is for sure that the document needs
    to be updated to make this kind of thing clearer.

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