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From: Trent Piepho (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 21:38:30 EDT

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    On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Steve Lamont wrote:
    > # To subscribers of the xforms list from Steve Lamont <> :
    > > Thank you, I hadn't thought that section of the manual relevant to me, but
    > > that makes it quite clear what the problem was. I take it I could also call
    > > fl_set_event_callback(do_nothing_function), and I would not have to worry
    > > about fl_do_forms() returning an FL_EVENT.
    > I'm not sure that's any better than just filtering out the FL_EVENT
    > pseudo-object.

    Wouldn't it keep xforms from calling XPutBackEvent() to put the event back in
    the x queue, only to be removed later fl_XNextEvent()? Even if it's not
    a big performance cost, I hate doing silly things like that.

    Also, in places in my code I call fl_check_forms() during lengthy computations
    to allow the GUI to continue to function, as it normal practice when a idle
    procedure isn't viable. If I've got to check every time I use
    fl_check_forms() for an FL_EVENT so I can delete it, that's a pain. Ok, just
    write a function called fl_check_forms_and_dont_crash() and do a search and
    replace, easy enough. Still, more work.

    If I were designing xforms at the time FL_EVENT was created, what I would have
    done is to make FL_EVENT->c_vdata point to the XEvent structure for the event.
    Then make a function like:

    XEvent *fl_get_event(FL_OBJECT *ob) { return ob->c_vdata; }

    Which returns the XEvent associated with the FL_EVENT object in the same way
    fl_get_button() returns the state of a button object. This way, the object
    returned by fl_do_forms() and fl_check_forms() can be ignored safely if it an
    XEvent object, just like all the other objects returned from fl_do_forms().
    It also means the event wouldn't be put back on the queue just so it can be
    removed again.

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