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Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 03:12:39 EDT

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    I've written an app that's currently running on a Linux platform but people
    have shown an interest in a version for the W95/98 etc platform. I gather
    from your question that a port is possible. What do I need to do a port to
    the W95/98 OS ?
    Which compiler, what are the major differences etc. ? I think I will have to
    change a few things since I remember using a fork somewhere to play some
    audio but I think that most stuff should work without any changes.


    Zaphod B.

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    > Hi all,
    > i'm in the process of porting an app which is using xforms to the
    > platform. The problem is that the xforms library is only available for
    > cygwinB20.1, which is binary incompatible with the current 1.1. Is there
    > way around this??? Or... would anybody who has access to the sourcecode be
    > so kind to build a cygwin 1.1 binary?
    > Cheers,
    > Ruurd Reitsma

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