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From: Serge B Bromow (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 07:36:16 EDT

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    > I think I've found a bug (At least I can't think of why it would be there)
    > in the implementation of how XFORMS updates its labels inside of sliders.
    > The problem that I see is that whenever the label is centered inside of the
    > label, it creates a double image of the label inside the slider and in the
    > center of the slider frame. I've tried this on two operating systems (Linux
    > and Digital Unix) and they both have it in it. I've written a short program
    > to demonstrate. Hit the Center Label button to switch between the top
    > alignment vs. center alignment.
    > Source to follow:

    Hi Justin

    I compiled your code under SCO5.x & Caldera. Same problem as you described.
    The Documentation suggest the use of FL_ALIGN_INSIDE instead
    of FL_ALIGN_CENTER for sliders. This did not work on my systems.

    A look at the <forms.h> header describes an
    FL_ALIGN_VERT /* No functional yet */ option.
    This woks just fine.

    Why does it work ? Only your xfroms designer
    knows this and other mysteries of our universe.

    Hope this helps.

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