XForms: strcmp

From: Joel (joel@dabbles-n-doodads.com)
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 14:43:43 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Joel <joel@dabbles-n-doodads.com> :

    I have a program using xforms that runs fine on HPUX. I recompiled the
    source on a Linux box and it compiled fine. When I run the program the
    first form opens as expected. When I click on a button the program exits
    with a segmentation fault. I used a debugger and found the program was
    crashing at a line that has a strcmp function. When I do a print from
    the debugger on the strcmp function I get,

    {int (char *, char *)} 0x40259be0 <strcmp>

    if I do a lookup on it I get,

    0x40259e0be4 in strcmp() at ../sysdeps/generic/strcmp.c:46
    46 ../sysdeps/generic/strcmp.c: no such file or directory

    As a comparison test I did a strcmp in a stand alone program

    from print, I get

    {int (char*, char*)} 0x4000db90 <strcmp>

    and from lookup, I get,

    Line 32 of "../sysdeps/generic/strcmp.c" starts at address 0x4000db90
    and ends at 0x4000db97> <strcmp+7>

    string.h is included in both programs and I am using ddd as the debugger
    on SUSE linux 7.0
    The strcmp that crashes is called from within a callback function. The
    strcmp that runs is in

    Thanks for any help


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