XForms: shortcuts on positioners

From: Jan Menzel (jmenzel@mail.desy.de)
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 04:17:08 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Jan Menzel <jmenzel@mail.desy.de> :

    Hi all,
            I'd like to change a positioner using curser keys. How do I get
    curser key shortcuts delivered to the positioner?
            I setted the shortcut string to "&A&B&C&D", changed obj->wantkey
    to FL_KEY_ALL and changed fl_set_positioner_return() to "always return"
    but the callback is not invoked on pressing curser keys. Even setting the
    shortcut string to "abc&A&B&C&D" prevents the letters a, b and c from
    being parsed into a input field but the callback is again not invoked.
            After getting the shortcuts to work, I'd like to change it to
    <control>+<curser key> (btw: "^&A^&B^&C^&D" does not work too) for
    controlling the positioner not accidentaly and still being able navigating
    around in input fields. The last stage then will be to add
    <shift>+<control>+<curser key> to the shortcuts. If <shift> is pressed
    with obj->belowmouse (mouse within the positioner) the current position
    should be magnified in the positioner (fl_set_positioner_[xy]bound()) for
    controlling an xy-plan with higher resolution then the positioners screen
    resolution. Guess, that needs to be done in a prehandler, right?
    (Currently the key-variable in the prehandler seems not to reflect the
    state of the <shift> keys.)
            Any suggestions?

            Regards Jan

     Dipl. Phys. | mailto: jan.menzel@gmx.de
     Jan Menzel | http://www.lighting-solutions.de

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