XForms: strange behavior with popups

From: Jan Menzel (jmenzel@mail.desy.de)
Date: Sat Dec 02 2000 - 12:47:05 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Jan Menzel <jmenzel@mail.desy.de> :

    Hi all,
            on displaying popup using fl_newpup(FL_ObjWin(ob)), fl_addtopup()
    and fl_dopup from within a prehandler strange things are happening (on
    i386 Linux with glibc2.1 and newest version of xforms):
    a) redisplaying of main forms is stopped (e.g. slider value changes
    from within fl_idle_callback() are not visible). If a fl_show_input() is
    displayed as result of popup interaction, pressing e.g. the "clear" button
    reenables the display-update again.
    b) positioners updates (e.g. prosessing of FL_DRAW on switching displays)
    are inhibited until any other interaction with the form has taken place.
    The positioner is in a from within a tabfolder. On changing the active
    folder, pressing any button, focussing an input field, pushing a choicer
    or selecting a line within a browser reenables the positioner again. Also
    pressing a mouse button within the positioner reenables updating it even
    if it is currently not shown.
            Sorry, I don't have test code for demonstrating this behavior,
    execpt the application I'm currently working on, which shows all the
    reported problems. On interest i could provide i via privat e-mail

            Regards Jan

     Dipl. Phys. | mailto: jan.menzel@gmx.de
     Jan Menzel | http://www.lighting-solutions.de

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