Re: XForms: mdsp-2.0_tar tool-forms.h not found

From: Peter S Galbraith (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 15:46:47 EST

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    "Jim M." wrote:

    > Hi,
    > I download this tool and tried to run the "INSTALL".

    `This tool' appears to be the Motorola DSP56301ADM Linux Kernel
    Module and supporting programs.


    Driver mdsp.o Kernel Module (you should undefine DEBUG in Makefile
                         before recompiling and installing)

    Tools mdsptool Frontend for reading/writing registers, uploading programs
              mdsptest Test program for all supported VFS funktions of driver
              lod2pci Converter program from .lod to hexdump format

    Gui xmdsptool Graphical frontend for mdsptool, statically linked with
                         xforms library

    Dsp beispiel.* DSP example program

    > It created nodes in the /dev directory but it failed to
    > finish the installation because "forms.h" is not found.
    > main.c is in the Gui directory.
    > Please let me know.

    Looks like you never installed the XForms library, which part of
    it needs (even though it says it's statically linked with

    Ask the mdsp author/maintainer if there is a bug in the Makefile,
    or try installing XForms first.

    See to get XForms.

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