Re: XForms: downsampling data before plotting via xy_plot

From: zaphodb (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 13:20:51 EST

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    > > I've been using the xy_plot routine a lot and only recently I noticed
    > > that when trying to plot a huge number of items in one window,
    > > sometimes nothing is shown at all although it is apparent
    > > that the window is refreshed.
    > > I'm talking about plotting an audio signal as a waveform here.
    > What's a "huge number?" By items, you mean points, I assume. Or do
    > you mean overlays?

    I mean in excess of 100.000 digitized audio sample points, no overlays.

    > Can you provide an example?

    There is a screendump with an example at

    Zaphod B.

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