Re: XForms: downsampling data before plotting via xy_plot

From: zaphodb (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 15:51:08 EST

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    > >
    > > I mean in excess of 100.000 digitized audio sample points, no overlays.

    Yep I meant > 100000

    > Yikes!

    Well normally I'm working with short audio signals and then the number
    of sample points is not a problem. The display is not updated dynamically.
    An audio signal is read and is shown in a window. That's it more or
    less. But when using large numbers of samples
    the problem described earlier arises. I'll try the max min idea, I had sort
    of come up with something similar in the mean time. Thanx for your comments.
    I just thought that since any data plotting utility will at some point be
    with more data points than a pc's resolution will be able to display as
    points solutions to this problem should be easy to find.



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