XForms: need to detect resized form

From: Rouben Rostamian (rostamian@umbc.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 01:26:04 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from "Rouben Rostamian" <rostamian@umbc.edu> :

    I have a question about xforms: how can I detect if a form
    is being resized?

    Specifically, I want to install some sort of a post-handler
    which is to be called whenever a form is resized interactively
    by the user.

    I tried fl_register_raw_callback() and looked for ConfigureNotify.
    Unfortunately the callback is called as a pre-handler rather than
    a post-handler, therefore it has no knowledge of the new dimensions
    of the form.

    Actually this is what I really want to do: I have a form with a
    bunch of buttons. When the form is resized and enlarged, the buttons
    retain their original sizes but migrate to NorthWest. (I do that by
    setting the gravity.) Now I want to populate the empty parts of the
    enlarged form with some new buttons. To do that, the program should
    be able to detect that the form was resized and get the dimensions
    of the resized form.

    Suggestions/pointers will be appreciated.

    Rouben Rostamian <rostamian@umbc.edu>
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