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From: Steve Lamont (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 15:04:07 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Steve Lamont <> :

    > Thanks, I skimmed right over that part looking for
    > something more of the form fl_set_text..... Is there a
    > method provided to strip those characters out while
    > getting the browser line, or does it need to be done
    > "manually"?


    I generally use a "fake" "@" operator as a delimiter if I'm using
    color or other modifiers, such as the "@x" in

            fl_addto_browser( browser, "@C3@xmy text goes here." );

    Then I can do something like

            const char *line = fl_get_browser_line( browser, line );
            char *start_of_text = strstr( line, "@x" ) + 2;
    to strip off the junk more or less automagically.

    XForms happily ignores the bogus modifier.


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