XForms: Problem updating sub-form coords in dragged tabfolders?

From: Ivan Powis (Ivan.Powis@nottingham.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 13:50:38 EDT

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    I am writing an application which includes a number of forms contained
    in a tabfolder (on the main form). Part of the functionality of these
    container (sub-)forms is to put up a cursor readout (via a oneliner
    goody) as the mouse passes over various objects on the sub-form. This
    is accomplished by event handlers which obtain the object's position
    on the form and the form's position on-screen in order to paste the
    oneliner at a fixed position in relation to the object viz:
    fl_show_oneliner(txt, ob->x + ob->form->x, ob->y+ob->form->y-YC_OFF);

    This kind of thing works fine on a main form (eg the xyplot prehandler
    demo). However, if the main form is dragged about the screen it
    appears as though the coordinates of the currently visible sub-form in
    the tabfolder are not automatically updated. Hence when the
    mouse again is passed over an object on this sub-form the oneliner's
    position does not adjust to the repositioning on-screen of the whole
    window and it appears as an orphan at its original screen
    position. De-selecting, then re-selecting the sub-form by clicking on
    the container tabs clears this problem - presumably as the sub-form is
    re-pasted onto the container canvas it gets coordinates updated.

    My question: I suspect that this may really require patching of xforms
    internal code, but is is there some _efficient_ work around to ensure
    the sub-form's coordinates are current when required eg by somehow
    forcing an update in the object's ENTER event handler code?

    Ivan Powis

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