Re: XForms: Destroy a GL window

Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 10:51:38 EDT

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    > A call to fl_winclose does not seem to be sufficient to close AND destroy
    > a window opened with fl_glwncreate (i.e. a GL win).
    > Actually, fl_winclose does not free the whole memory allocated by
    > glwincreate - so that successive (open/close) create a kind of memory
    > leak.
    > Is there a specific routine in XFORMS to destroy GL wins ?

    The only extra items created are the GLXContext and a Colormap.

    You should destroy the GLXContext with the OpenGL call

    The Colormap may be destroyed with XFreeColormap():

            XWindowAttributes attrs;

            XGetWindowAttributes( fl_get_display(), w, &attrs );
            XFreeColormap( fl_get_display(), attrs.colormap );


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