Re: XForms: Shift+Mouse on a button - possible?

Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 09:36:50 EDT

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    > There is no further reference to a place where one could find
    > those bitmasks for mouse buttons and modifier keys. At least
    > I was unable to find them.

    These are defined in `X.h':

      ncmir:spl> more /usr/openwin/include/X11/X.h
      /* Key masks. Used as modifiers to GrabButton and GrabKey, results
         of QueryPointer, state in various key-, mouse-, and
         button-related events. */
      #define ShiftMask (1<<0)
      #define LockMask (1<<1)
      #define ControlMask (1<<2)
      #define Mod1Mask (1<<3)
      #define Mod2Mask (1<<4)
      #define Mod3Mask (1<<5)
      #define Mod4Mask (1<<6)
      #define Mod5Mask (1<<7)
      /* button masks. Used in same manner as Key masks above. Not to be
         confused with button names below. */
      #define Button1Mask (1<<8)
      #define Button2Mask (1<<9)
      #define Button3Mask (1<<10)
      #define Button4Mask (1<<11)
      #define Button5Mask (1<<12)
      #define AnyModifier (1<<15) /* used in GrabButton, GrabKey */


    They are also defined in any good Xlib reference, such as the O'Reilly
    publication _The X Window System in a Nutshell_.

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