Re: XForms: How to draw an object on top of other objects

Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 17:04:22 EDT

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    > I wanna place a FL_BUTTON on top of a canvas - so that the button action
    > is evidently associated with the canvas.
    > Obviously, I enconter some problems redrawing the button : the canvas
    > hides it.
    > I tried to force the button to get redrawn by calling fl_redraw_object at
    > the end of the expose handler of the canvas - no succes....

    The short answer is, you can't.

    The Canvas is a special XForms object in that it is a plain X Window
    which is drawn on top of an XForms Window.

    The only thing I can suggest (and I haven't tried this so no
    guarantees) is that you try creating a new Form with your button in
    it, initialize it with fl_prepare_form_window(), and reparent it to
    the Canvas:

            FD_whatever *whatever = create_form_whatever();
            Window window;

             * this should be relative to the origin of the Canvas.

            fl_set_form_position( whatever->whatever,
                                  some_x_offset, some_y_offset );

            window = fl_prepare_form_window( whatever->whatever,
                                             "Whatever" );

            fl_winparent( window, FL_ObjWin( canvas ) );

            fl_show_form_window( whatever->whatever );

    Again, this is just a guess but it's worth a try.

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