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Angus Leeming angus.leeming at btopenworld.com
Wed Sep 3 12:19:56 EDT 2003


Laurence Marks has been trying to compile xforms cvs and has made some 
changes, attached. Below is his summary of what he's done, but I think it can 
be simply summarised as

Why do we ship these files in the config directory:

They are all parts of the autoconf/libtool code. Why not allow the user to use 
the versions that come with their versions of the autotools?


Laurence's 'ChangeLog' follows:

I did quite a few additional
hacks on your configure, testing it on HP,SGI,SUN,cgwin
with both native & gcc compilers. The major changes
are (I think):

1) Removed the "on", since it does not seem to be needed.
2) Removed AC_FUNC_MALLOC since it is broken on many systems.
3) Added in acinclude.m4
At least in the version I was using it was not being set.
4) Removed the libtool stuff that you had in acinclude.m4,
and let automake/autoconf/libtool handle all this. Your
version did not work with automake-1.7, autoconf-2.57, libtool-1.5
5) Added (slight overkill, but AC_PATH_XTRA does not work
the way it claims to!)
6) Added a few files needed by make dist (e.g. README, I
can't remember them all).

7) I also did some stuff for our own purposes, primarily
removed pixmap.c so no extra libraries are needed and
removed the checks for them, turned off sharing by default,
restricted the build/dist to the library and removed some
of your informational output at the end of the build. FYI,
it works fine, and is setup so our code will compile forms
if it does not find a working copy already existing on the
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