[XForms] OpenGL and Threads- again

Nicolas Castagné nicolas.castagne at imag.fr
Fri Jun 27 09:55:13 EDT 2003

	This mail is addressed to those that use OpenGL within XForms.

	I have had no answer concerning my last message, but I really think 
the subject of threads and openGL is of interest for the XForms 
	My aim concerning this question is to add a small demo to the XForms 
demo programs.

	So, let's play again !


	You will find enclosed a short program which implements a GLCanvas 
drawn by a thread.

	This program is stable with direct rendering. However, it is not 
stable on my IRIX system in case of rendering through the X sever, 
especially in case of a distant execution.

	-> Could some of you try to compile this program and run it locally 
and on a distant machine ? 10 min. work !


	The next part of the message is addressed to those who have 
successfully implemented a GLCanvas drawn by a thread.

	Did you tried non-direct rendering on these canvas ?
	If it runs properly, it would be very helpful if you could have a look 
to my code and give advices !

	Thx ,


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