[XForms] A tip for using secret inputs.

jac at casurgica.com jac at casurgica.com
Fri Jul 11 21:48:00 EDT 2003

The SECRET_INPUT is completely unusable. However, you can turn a
NORMAL_INPUT into somewhat of a secret input box like so:

fl_set_input_color(MyInput, MyInput->col2, MyCaretColor);

Where "MyInput" is your NORMAL_INPUT (an FL_OBJEC T*), and MyCaretColor is
whatever color you want the caret to be. It makes the text "invisible" by
setting the text color to the input's background color. It makes the
highlight invisible, too, though, but its still better than the
SECRET_INPUT. I only tried that on a form with one input box, though, so
the text might become visible when the box loses focus. I dunno.

J. Cipriani

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