[XForms] Re: XForms: Documentation

Peter S Galbraith psg at debian.org
Tue Sep 2 15:28:31 EDT 2003

T.C. Zhao <tc_zhao at yahoo.com> wrote:

> All I need to do is boot up my old linux box and recover the doc and send it.
> Will do this sometime in April (I've been travelling, and am sending this
> email from Tokyo).
> -TC

Hi T.C.,

I really hate to keep nagging you like this.  :-)

You meant to release the sources of the XForms manual last April but
never got around to it.  This is a reminder.  Also, please avoid using
the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) since it not a free software
license and therefore cannot be included in the Debian distribution.
Using the GPL would be fine.

I'm writing now because while the Debian GNU/Linux distribution doesn't
make a release as often as it should, a freeze is due shortly for a
Christmas release.  The current packaging of the XForms manual has this

 No part of this document may be reproduced, in any form or by any
 means, without permission from the authors. Permission to produce
 hardcopies in its entirety for private use is granted.

This lacks the permission to us to _distribute_ the manual so I'll pull
the package from Debian's non-free archive soon, before the upcoming
release.  But instead of removing the package, it would be great to get
the manual sources under a free license and move the package to Debian's
main archive.  Hopefully you will find time to do this.  Otherwise I can
always re-create the Debian package at a later time when it is released
under a free license.

Thanks for your time!
Peter S. Galbraith, Debian Developer          <psg at debian.org>
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