[XForms] Libraries: small C++ bug

Lars Gullik Bjønnes larsbj at lyx.org
Wed Sep 3 18:53:03 EDT 2003

"L. D. Marks" <ldm at risc4.numis.nwu.edu> writes:

| I did a little more checking, and it looks like our code was defining
| "on" itself, and since this was in an include that came before forms.h
| this created problems. (We probably should not be using "on" - maybe
| you might want to think about "forms_on" to be more robust. The
| earlier forms header files did not have the "on" defined.)

What stops you from polluting the global namespace with a macro/define
called forms_on? (and using forms_on in xforms give away the wrong
meaning of the parameter... and removing it from the function
declaration makes it impossible to see what this int is)

It is your code that is in error, not xforms.


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