[XForms] Re: [PATCH] Simplify configure.ac

Angus Leeming angus.leeming at btopenworld.com
Tue Sep 9 13:16:10 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 09 September 2003 3:02 pm, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> The following patch removes tests that are as far as I can see not
> used. I tried to check carefully what the side effects of the various
> autoconf macros are. The idea is to keep all tests that already exist
> in some form in xforms 1.0.

> Angus, please double check and apply (note that the ChangeLog chunk
> will not apply after my other patch, since this is against unpatched
> HEAD; I'll redo the patch if there is a problem).

Well, it works for me it all looks reasonable and, as I think of you as the 
whizz in these things anyway, that's good enough for me. I applied it. Many 

> Something that still has to be done is implement --disable-gl to avoid
> building libformsGL when not relevant. It should not be too difficult
> to make a test to autodetect this.

Good idea. Actually, shouldn't that be --enable-gl (defaults to 'no'), 
identical to you little test for --enable-demos? Of course, it would actually 
do some testing if the answer were 'yes'.


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