[XForms] Redhat 9.0 libforms.a incompatibility

David Scriven davidwriter at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 14:25:50 EDT 2003

As far as I know Red Hat has not shipped xforms since
version 7.2. The problems that you were having with
the (presumably old) libforms.a are not unique to
xforms. Static linking was changed in RH 9 and most
old archives had to be recompiled otherwise you get
errors. You can check the archive of this list
to see what the errors were.

--- "L. D. Marks" <ldm at risc4.numis.nwu.edu> wrote: > To subscribers of
the xforms list
> I just upgraded my system to Redhat 9.0, and it appears
> that there are some incompatibilties between the include
> file definitions (in my version anyway) and the version
> of libforms.a that they are shipping. (I deleted their
> version and just installed one I compiled, but you might
> want to decide how to deal with this in a general
> way.)
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