[XForms] problems installing on solaris

Ulrich Hiller hiller at mpia-hd.mpg.de
Fri Oct 10 09:41:41 EDT 2003

we want to install xforms 1.0 on sun sloaris 7 and solaris 9. 
It fails during the make procedure with the following error message:

rm -f libflimage.so.1.0~
LD_RUN_PATH=/systools/misc/xforms/lib /usr/ccs/bin/ld -o libflimage.so.1.0~ -G -
z text -M mapfile -h libflimage.so.1.0 image.o  image_bmp.o  image_combine.o  im
age_convolve.o  image_crop.o  image_disp.o  image_fits.o  image_genesis.o  image
_gif.o  image_gzip.o  image_io_filter.o  image_jpeg.o  image_jquant.o  image_mar
ker.o  image_png.o  image_pnm.o  image_postscript.o  image_proc.o  image_replace
.o  image_rotate.o  image_scale.o  image_sgi.o  image_text.o  image_tiff.o  imag
e_type.o  image_warp.o  image_xbm.o  image_xpm.o  image_xwd.o  postscript.o  ps_
core.o  ps_draw.o  ps_text.o  rgb_db.o  matrix.o -L/systools/misc/xforms/lib  -l
Xext -lX11  -L/usr/local/lib  -L../lib -lforms  -L/systools/lib -ljpeg  -L/systo
ols/lib -ltiff  
Text relocation remains                         referenced
    against symbol                  offset      in file
<unknown>                           0x28        image_png.o
<unknown>                           0x30        image_png.o
<unknown>                           0x34        image_png.o
<unknown>                           0x38        image_png.o
<unknown>                           0x4         image.o
[........here are many lines of the same kind..............]
jpeg_destroy_compress               0x2b8       image_jpeg.o
jpeg_CreateCompress                 0x88        image_jpeg.o
jpeg_stdio_dest                     0x98        image_jpeg.o
jpeg_set_defaults                   0xf0        image_jpeg.o
jpeg_set_quality                    0x108       image_jpeg.o
jpeg_write_marker                   0x140       image_jpeg.o
jpeg_write_scanlines                0x284       image_jpeg.o
jpeg_finish_compress                0x2a0       image_jpeg.o
ld: fatal: relocations remain against allocatable but non-writable sections
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `libflimage.so.1.0'
Current working directory /disk-b/hiller/xforms-1.0/image
making all in ./fdesign...
rm -f fdesign
LD_RUN_PATH=/systools/misc/xforms/lib cc -o fdesign -g -Xc -xF -xcg92     -L/sys
tools/misc/xforms/lib fd_attribs.o  fd_control.o  fd_fake.o  fd_file.o  fd_forms
.o  fd_groups.o  fd_help.o  fd_initforms.o  fd_main.o  fd_names.o  fd_objects.o 
 fd_pallette.o  fd_printC.o  fd_rubber.o  fd_select.o  fd_spec.o  fd_super.o  fd
_util.o  sp_browser.o  sp_button.o  sp_choice.o  sp_counter.o  sp_dial.o  sp_fre
eobj.o  sp_menu.o  sp_pixmap.o  sp_positioner.o  sp_scrollbar.o  sp_slider.o  sp
_twheel.o  sp_xyplot.o    -lXext -lX11 -static  -L../lib -lforms  
-L/systools/lib -lXpm    -dynamic  -lm  
cc: Warning: illegal option -dynamic
cc: -a conflicts with -dy.
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `fdesign'
Current working directory /disk-b/hiller/xforms-1.0/fdesign
making all in ./fd2ps...
rm -f fd2ps
LD_RUN_PATH=/usr/openwin/lib cc -o fd2ps -g -Xc -xF -xcg92     -L/usr/openwin/li
b align.o  fd2ps.o  flsupport.o  image2ps.o  load.o  papers.o  pscol.o  psdraw.o
  psobj.o  pstext.o  readxpm.o  sys.o  version.o  xbmtops.o  xpmtops.o    -lXext
 -lX11 -Bstatic  -L../image -lflimage  -L../lib -lforms    -Bdynamic  -lm  
ild: (argument error) can't find library argument :: -lflimage
*** Error code 8
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `fd2ps'
Current working directory /disk-b/hiller/xforms-1.0/fd2ps
gmake: *** [all] Error 1

I think the main error is the relocation error (which is propably the reason why 
 libflimage.so is not created). 

Thnaks in advance for your help.
Ulrich Hiller
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astronomie
Koenigstuhl 17
69117 Heidelberg
phone +49 6221 528238
fax +49 6221 528246
email hiller at mpia.de

PS: For your information:
Imakefile looks like this:
/* Configuration -- see 00README for details */

/* Fairly important stuff */

#define OptimizationLevel -O4
#define DoWall NO

#define BuildShared YES
#define StaticLink YES

#define BuildGL NO

/* Less Important or System Specific */

#define HaveStrerror YES
#define HaveSnprintf YES
#define HaveFloatH YES
#define DoOptimize YES
#define BuildDemos NO
#define DebugSymbols YES

 * You should only define this if you're running a 64 bit compile
 * environment on Solaris.

#define Solaris64Bit NO

/* Out in the Tall Weeds */

#define InstallNonstandard YES
#define XFormsNonstandardInstallDir /systools/misc/xforms

#define NonstandardXpm YES

#define XpmIncLoc /systools/include
#define XpmLibLoc /systools/lib

#define NonstandardTiff YES

#define TiffIncLoc /systools/include
#define TiffLibLoc /systools/lib

#define NonstandardJpeg YES

#define JpegIncLoc /systools/include
#define JpegLibLoc /systools/lib

[the rest was not changed]

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