[XForms] Problem compiling with Mac OS X

Nicolas Castagné nicolas.castagne at imag.fr
Mon Nov 10 04:56:35 EST 2003

Hi all,

Here is the report of the uses I made of XForms on Mac-OS-X last week.

I also encountered a few problems with compiling the library.

After a few trial, I would encourage MacOS X developpers to use the  
software tool
which is available at http://fink.sourceforge.net/

Fink takes into account the specificities of Mac OS X, which is finally  
not so much a standard linux (sic), to maintain your environment for  
software development.
Especially, Fink is able to
1) scan your Mac OS X system and show which libraries are installed ;
2) download, compile and instal open source libraries ; especially, it  
will download any library needed to compile a specific package, if it  
is not yet installed ;
3) keep up to date your packages, since the download locations of  
almost every library is known by the software.

For example, Fink was able to 1) download 2) compile 3) install  
automatically the XForms library and ALL the necessary packages,  
including XPM and OpenGL and 4) recompile all my XForms-Based software  
in 4 hours...

Much better than getting crazy with the syntax of Makefiles, is not it?  

All the best,


Le jeudi, 6 nov 2003, à 04:41 Europe/Paris, Reed Riddle a écrit :

> To subscribers of the xforms list
> Howdy folks,
> I'm trying to compile the library under OS X, and I keep running into  
> the following errors when I run the configure script:
> ** Cannot find xpm.h. Please check that the Xpm library
>    is correctly installed on your system.
> ** Cannot find libjpeg. Please check that the jpeg library
>    is correctly installed on your system.
> I can see both xpm.h (in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/) and libjpeg (in  
> /sw/lib).  I know that the X libraries aren't being seen at all when I  
> compile, as all kinds of errors come up related to X.  I also know how  
> to set Linux so that it will find where you have libraries (using  
> ldconfig), but I can't find any information like that for OS X.  And,  
> I can't figure out what to change in the configuration files to force  
> it to see the library directories.
> No, I'm not frustrated...  :)  Anything that can point me in the right  
> direction to get this to work will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
> 					Reed
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