[XForms] Re: XForms: Towards xforms 1.1

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes Jean-Marc.Lasgouttes at inria.fr
Wed Nov 19 06:45:03 EST 2003

>>>>> "Angus" == Angus Leeming <angus.leeming at btopenworld.com> writes:

[OK, this was 6 months ago, but I am cleaning my mailbox...]

Angus> I think that NT lib/OS2 os2move.cmd gl/canvas.h are all
Angus> redundant (the latter is almost identical to glcanvas.h and
Angus> appears to be a historical anachronism. It has certainly never
Angus> been installed).

Angus> Would anybody object if I removed them?

Please remove them. Also, I think lib/Readme should be removed (check
first...). Do gl demos still work? (I do not have gl stuff installed
here to check...).

Also, could you update the NEWS file?

We will probably need at least a prerelease of 1.1.


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