[XForms] Getting rid of auto-generated files...

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes Jean-Marc.Lasgouttes at inria.fr
Wed Nov 26 06:54:12 EST 2003

>>>>> "Angus" == Angus Leeming <angus.leeming at btopenworld.com> writes:

Angus> Lines 2,3. The problems. It appears that fdesign must be run
Angus> from the directory containing the .fd file. 

So we could maybe take a look at fixing fdesign, since we have control
on it :)

Another solution would be to have a Makefile.am in the fd/
directories, maybe.

Sorry, I do not have much time to think about it right now. I think
this is something that we could leave for after 1.1. I'd like to
concentrate on this first.


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