[PATCH] Re: [XForms] Getting rid of auto-generated files...

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes Jean-Marc.Lasgouttes at inria.fr
Wed Nov 26 09:16:03 EST 2003

>>>>> "Angus" == Angus Leeming <angus.leeming at btopenworld.com> writes:

Angus> To subscribers of the xforms list
Angus> On Wednesday 26 November 2003 1:55 pm, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
>> The fdesign problem, OTOH is definitely a bug that should be fixed
>> before 1.1.

Angus> The little wrapper script, attached, gives us the functionality
Angus> that I think that fdesign should have.

Angus> Usage: $ sh fdesign2c <path to fdesign executable>
Angus> <foo/bar/your_file.fd> <destdir>

With my fix, fdesign is able to output .[ch] files in the directory
where the .fd file was. Isn't it really good enough for now?

Angus> ps, once this is working, then modifying Makefile.am is a snip.
Angus> Equally, it should provide the template to modify fdesign
Angus> itself. I'd imagine using fdesign as $ fdesign -convert
Angus> <foo/bar/your_file.fd> <destdir>

Why would the Makefile.am not work with the fixed fdesign? Because you
do not want the .[ch] files to appear in the source directory, but the
build directory?


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