[XForms] Getting rid of generated files

Angus Leeming angus.leeming at btopenworld.com
Fri Nov 28 12:45:56 EST 2003

On Friday 28 November 2003 5:28 pm, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> Angus> Actually, it transpires that I can remove these files too. The
> Angus> trick is to ensure that fd/ibrowser_gui.c is not compiled on
> Angus> its own, but rather that it is #included by ibrowser.c. (This
> Angus> trick was much-used in the demos dir; I have retained it only
> Angus> for the compilation of ibrowser.c and itest.c.)
> Unfortunately, it does not work here. Why?

Genuinely no problems here.

Question: where is FL_NORMAL_FORMBROWSER defined?
Answer lib/include/forms.h

Here the first 5 lines of formbrowser_gui.c are:
/* Form definition file generated with fdesign. */

#include "forms.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "formbrowser_gui.h"

Ie, I don't see why it is failing.

I'm a bit upset about the subsequent warnings about two many initializers 


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