[XForms] mouse wheel in browser crashes whole app

jason cipriani jac4 at mindless.com
Sun Mar 13 01:21:04 EST 2005

> As such a crash is a very bad thing while the user is observing with the
> telescope, I would like to disable the wheel, possibly only for that
> browser (or my XForms application), as it worls fine in other
> applications like xterm or mozilla. Is it doable?

I am not certain, but you may be able to do this with fl_set_object_prehandler(). You can set a prehandler for your browser and check to see if the xevent is a mouse wheel button event. If it is then return FL_PREEMPT from the prehandler, and that should prevent the event from reaching the browser.

Documentation is here:

It's weird that it crashes, though. When you say it only happens in browsers with a lot of items, how many items is "a lot"?


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