[XForms] xforms Window Moving Problem

Bentz, Jason jason.bentz at lmco.com
Tue Apr 19 15:56:02 EDT 2005

Actually, I was just about to reply and let you all know that it appears
to be an Xwindows thing, not xforms.

If I use ktimer (accessories), I also get the strange behavior.  When
looking in Preferences>>Windows, I see the setting, hold-to-move window
(which is set to ALT).  There is no way to turn this off, at least with
the GUI interface.  A normal terminal window is able to be moved by just
clicking & holding the left mouse button, but to click & hold to move
the xforms windows (or ktimer), I must hold down ALT.

What I'm wondering, if there is a way to disable this hold-to-move
option in the Preferences>>Windows GUI setting?  Maybe there is a way to
manually edit a text file to remove this setting... 


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On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Bentz, Jason wrote:
> I'm using xforms-1.0.90 installed on Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3.0, and

> have a GUI that was designed using xforms.  The problem I'm 
> experiencing is when trying to move the window that the GUI is in, on
the desktop.
> When I click & hold on the menu bar to move the window around the 
> desktop, sometimes I move the mouse pointer, and the window does not 
> follow, or will jump to the current location of the pointer after a 
> couple seconds.  It's very annoying, because it's unpredictable as to 
> what it will do.

This sounds like a function of the window manager, and not xforms.  Does
this only happen with xforms programs, or can you duplicate it with
something else like xclock or firefox?

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