[XForms] XForms User Interface

Lings lingzsweet at yahoo.com
Thu May 19 11:32:27 EDT 2005

Hallo, I'm very new in xforms. That's why I'm joining this mailing list.
What I want to ask is :
Is ist possible to use another file (xml file) to specifying the input control in my form?
i.e  template.xml

This xml file will "tell" my xforms page to contain 1 text field, 1 check box and 1 text area in the user interface section. With name (as label) and value are specified in the xforms page. This form also generated another xml file that will save the data..

template.xml >> xforms >> data.xml
So, can XForms handle this? or should I use other application to support xforms? Or maybe any other solutions?

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