[XForms] The list was down for two weeks.

Robert Williams bob at bob.usuhs.mil
Tue Aug 30 08:24:39 EDT 2005

Dear Jason and list,

The archive access was also broken, I don't know when.
This is now restored, thanks to Jason for seeing this.
The correct URLs are as they were, listed below,
unless I'm missing something else.   The server should be
stable now for the next few years.

XForms list admin

jason cipriani wrote:

>To subscribers of the xforms list
>Oh, I'm sorry, the 403 errors were for archive access. Which reminds me... what is the correct URL of the xforms mailing list archives now?
>To unsubscribe, send the message "unsubscribe" to
>xforms-request at bob.usuhs.mil or see: 
>XForms Home Page: http://world.std.com/~xforms
>List Archive: http://bob.usuhs.mil/pipermail/xforms and
>Development: http://savannah.nongnu.org/files/?group=xforms

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