[XForms] input problem

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes Jean-Marc.Lasgouttes at inria.fr
Wed Aug 31 07:43:02 EDT 2005

>>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Emig <maili at heisch.inka.de> writes:

Gerald> I use Suse Linux 9.1 I see this double jumping of the cursor
Gerald> in the input object I place on a form as well as in the
Gerald> attributes dialogue of fdesign. In a multiline input, hitting
Gerald> return produces two new lines...

Gerald> Observation: ^b moves left correctly, Cursor Left not.

Did you compile by yourself, or was xforms 1.0.90 bundled by suse?
They apply a big extra patch to xforms to support CJK
(chinese-japanese-korean) input, it this patch is probably not

You could try to report this bug to suse directly, or to build your
own xforms 1.0.90 to see whether it helps.


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