[XForms] Algol 68 binding

Sian Mountbatten poenikatu at operamail.com
Sun May 21 05:19:20 EDT 2006

I have written a binding for the RS Algol 68 compiler (algol68toc) which 
I ported to Linux some
years ago. Currently, I am converting the documentation to LaTeX and 
translating the examples
to Algol 68 so that the resulting manual can be used to write GUI 
programs in Web 68 (the
literate programming system for Algol 68).

Because the source documentation is only available in HTML, I have 
LaTeXified that version and
am in the process of converting it to full LaTeX. Of course, if the 
original documentation were
available, because it is already in TeX form, it would be ease my task 

Does anybody know where the original documentation is and whether a copy 
can be obtained?

Sian Mountbatten

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