[XForms] corrupted text or big question box returns

Kerich, Steve (AGTE) Steve.Kerich at smiths-aerospace.com
Wed Dec 13 16:17:41 EST 2006

The problem I was having with the question box appearing with either the
button text corrupted or the title bar text corrupted, or the box itself
is many times the correct size. It was first thought to be a stack
problem because I could move large arrays out of a local routine and the
problem would go away. Through our system testing have found 4 separate
places in 4 different executable images where a question box is not
being displayed correctly. 
The one that was discovered this week is directly tied to the use of a
slider function . As the slider is moved closer to the bottom of its
range the problem with the question box gets worse. What I mean by worse
is that when the slider is about 1/4 from the bottom the text on the
question box when the cancel is selected is corrupted to true & true .
If the slider is moved to close or at the bottom the range, the
corruption gets worse and the size of the box is huge . The callback for
all slider positions is the same but this problem only happens when the
slider is put at the bottom. Strange Huh.
The only box in all 4 executables that has a problem is the question
box. No other box type. But it is every time it is used. We use the
question box a lot and most times it works just fine. 
This interaction between the slider and the question box where the
slider seems to directly affect the question box by its position does
not make sense. The slider value is simply saved as it is changed and
are small numbers. (see code snippet below). 
This display issue is a real problem for our customer because the
operators really don't know what to do when this happens. The box still
functions if you figure out what button to push!
Does anyone have any ideas about this? It just seems like there is
something going on with how the question box is executed and I can fix
it in most cases (not the slider case) by clearing as much of my local
stack as possible. I have .jpgs of what it looks like but can't post
them but can send them if someone wants to see what I am talking about.
void VolumeSlider_Callback(FL_OBJECT *ob, long data)
   char   NewValue[256];
   /* Set the volume level in the AudibleAlarmInfo Array for saving
later */
   AudibleAlarmInfo[bSelectedAlarm].Volume =
   /* Convert unsigned int to string and pass to text box */
   sprintf(NewValue, "%d", AudibleAlarmInfo[bSelectedAlarm].Volume);
   fl_set_object_label(fd_AudibleAlarmGui->VolumeText, NewValue);
   #ifdef ALARM_DEBUG
   printf("New slider volume: %d for %s index %d data %d\n",
          AudibleAlarmInfo[bSelectedAlarm].AlarmType, bSelectedAlarm,
   /* Set the dirty bit indicating the data has changed */
   bDirtyBit = TRUE;

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