[XForms] corrupted text or big question box returns

Kerich, Steve (AGTE) Steve.Kerich at smiths-aerospace.com
Wed Dec 20 15:15:13 EST 2006

Thanks for responding Joel. Sorry for the delay in getting back.
If I don't call the question box (fl_show_question("Do you want to save
the new volume level(s)?",0)) ), all other boxes appear just fine. Its
only the question box that is displayed either as a huge size or the
text in the buttons are corrupted.
I was able to reduce the slider-question box program down to just two
elements, the slider, a cancel button which calls the question box, and
the problem still occurs. Really weird. But now it is narrowed down to a
very few lines of code and is repeatable over and over. The code does
nothing but read the value from the slider. No other processing. This is
why this is a great test case. I am hoping that this is the same problem
as I am seeing with the other 2 executables that do this too but don't
have slider boxes. One has a browser window and the other has a tabbed
form open. 
It make this problem even stranger it depends upon the position of the
slider whether the question box appears as a huge box, corrupted text on
yes/no buttons, or normally. Any value from 60 to 100 allows the box to
be displayed normally. There does not seem to be any pattern to it and I
have tried this on 3 different machines running Solaris 8 and the same
thing happens BUT the numbers it happens with change. Weird again.
I can't debug XForms source so I need help from the community. I have
zipped up the source, make, binary etc to make my test program which
will cause this problem. I just need someone to take a little time to
look into how this can be happening to the question box. If someone
would like me to send it to them with some .jpgs of the problem, I will
right away. 
It just freaks the military operators out when a huge box that goes off
the right side of the screen shows up or the buttons don't have text
that makes sense.

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