[XForms] corrupted text or big question box returns

Moots, Joel A. (IT Solutions/EOS) joel.moots at ngc.com
Thu Dec 28 13:58:33 EST 2006

Since the program is so small, can you find the smallest amount of code
needed for you to reproduce the problem and then paste just the parts
you wrote to this list? E.g., if you don't need a slider callback to
reproduce the problem, get rid of it; if you need the callback but don't
need to retrieve the value, get rid of it; etc. If that's still rather
large, can you tar/gzip just the source files with no extension on the
filename and email to me.



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I have been doing more testing and have found with my test program that
if I call fl_show_alert before fl_show_question, the corruption of the
question box goes away. I have noticed this fix also works for another
executable that is having trouble with the question box. If I display an
alert just before the question box, the problem goes away. I haven't
tried it with the other 2 images that are showing the same/similar
problem. There must be some XForms connection between the two.
My test program is very very small so I don't believe that there are
pointer or memory stack issues involved. 
Jens tried out my test program on a Linux box using gcc but was unable
to reproduce the problem I have been seeing. So I guess that is a clue
too. That it has something to so with Solaris or the compiler. The
compiler used is SUNspro instead of gcc. I do not know why this compiler
was picked in the beginning.
Because this problem is spread through several of our applications, I
really need to find a solution. Is there anyone who has debug ideas or
could help with this?
Any help would be appreciated.

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