[XForms] New release XForms 1.0.91

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Mon Nov 24 06:35:42 EST 2008

To subscribers of the xforms list

Hi Serge,

> Compiled the libraries without incident. I recompiled some of the x-apps
> using the new static xforms library with some odd results. Since I am
> unable to include pictures with this post you can view them at
> "www.dineamix.ca/xforms" along with some notes.

About the fonts in the menus: there seemed to a general consensus
here (at least by those that commented) that the old look of XForms
wasn't very nice anymore and that it woud be better to make it look
a bit more like more modern GUI toolkits. Thus I changes several
things: the default border width of objects has been reduced from
3 to 1 pixel. The font in menus, popups etc. has been switched
from bold to normal font. The shadows around menus have been re-
moved (they were problematic anyway, they actually bever worked
correctly and I didn't see any way how to get it right..). So
things look less extreme 3D then they used to (which looked a
lot like in the early years of the last decade when everybody
was a bit over-enthusiastic about having 3D effects;-)

If you want just to have a bold font for the labels for menus and
popups I think all you need is to call

  fl_set_object_lstyle( obj, FL_BOLD_STYLE );

on the objects for the menus. That hopefully should give you back
the old look of the first form you have on that webpage.

If you also want the old font style (bold italics) in the windows
that pop up for menus etc., then you would have to call once

  fl_setpup_default_fontstyle( FL_BOLDITALIC_STYLE );

before you create the menus (this is an application-wide setting).

How to give the windows that pop up for menus etc. a more 3D-ish
look I haven't figured out yet, it may require adding a new func-
tion. For the "shadows" around them I have no idea at all how to
get them right, so I can't make any promises that you'll get them

About the second form you have on the web page: I am not sure where
this comes from. I just see that some objects have a black instead
of a grey background but I don't know what kind of objects that are
(I tried deactivated menus and choice objects but that didn't do
the trick here). It's not unlikely that you fond some bug there but
since it's not clear to me what types of objects they are I have no
good idea at the moment where to look.

> As a note I did not use the new GL or flimage libraries. Maybe I should?
> I will try these libraries later once our production compiles have
> completed.

I can't tell since never tried mixing different versions. On the
one hand, the libraries should be independent of each other, but
you never know;-)

Sorry for the inconveniences, I hope we can resolve these problems
real soon!
                                 Best regards, Jens
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