[XForms] New pre-release 1.0.91pre8

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Sat May 24 10:52:33 EDT 2008

To subscribers of the xforms list


    here we go again with another pre-release:


What's new?

a) Menus and choice object now use normal fonts instead of bold or
   even bold and italic fonts - they looked much too fat with the
   reduced border widths. 

   I also made the default background color a tiny bit lighter.

b) Alert and message goodies: removed upper limits on the strings
   that can be passed to them. There's also a new function, called

    void fl_show_alert2( int           c,
                          const char * fmt,
                          ... )

   that takes an int (indicating if the alert box is centered on
   the screen) and a printf()-like format string, followed by as
   many more aguments as there are format specifiers in the format

c) Another new function is

    int fl_get_decoration_sizes( FL_FORM * form,
                                 int     * top,
                                 int     * right,
                                 int     * bottom,
                                 int     * left );

   that you can call with a form and which then returns the widths
   of the decorations the window manager put around the form window
   in the four other variables. It returns 0 on success and 1 if it
   failed. It can fail e.g. because the form is currently not shown
   on the screen or because it's a form embedded in another form,
   e.g. as part of a tabfolder.

d) When there were overlapping objects and the "lower" object was
   redrawn the "upper" object did appear to be under the "lower"
   object. This bug, pointed out by Werner Heisch, has hopefully
   been removed.

e) It could happen that parts of a pixmap got drawn outside of the
   object it belonged to either because it was larger that the objects
   bounding box or because its alignment was set to outside. This part
   of the pixmap then didn't get hidden when the object was hidden.
   This has now been changed so that only the part that fits into
   the objects bounding box will get drawn and, when setting the
   pixmap's alignment an FL_ALIGN_INSIDE is implied. This deviates
   a bit from the manal where you can read: "Note that although you
   can place a pixmap outside of the bounding box, it probably is
   "not a good idea". So the "not so good idea" is now forbidden.

   In older versions also the additional margins around a pixmap
   (per default 3 pixels) weren't always correctly drawn if the
   pixmap wasn't smaller than the objects bounding box.

f) Further bugs taken care of: hiding canvases and re-showing
   tabfolders didn't work correctly (as Rob Carpenter pointed
   out this led to parts of fdesign not working correctly any-
   more). Memory access to already deallocated memory in code
   for handling child objects removed. A few redrawing problems
   concerning boxes, pointed out by Andrea Scopece, were cleaned

g) Added a file named 'New_Features.txt' in the main directory
   with more complete documentation of new functions and other
                              Best regards, Jens
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