[XForms] New pre-release 1.0.91pre13

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Sun Sep 21 09:56:06 EDT 2008

To subscribers of the xforms list

Hi everybody,

   sorry for the long delay since the last pre-release but, un-
fortunately, I was rather busy with some other work. But here we
go again with number 13:


Unfortunately, not all the problems that got reported could be
addressed with this version since in some cases I didn't get re-
plies about the somewhat more elusive bugs (i.e. the ones I did
not manage to reproduce). So they have to be left for the next

Most important changes:

a) The placement of windows was dealt with in a somewhat out-fashioned
   way. Especially the assumption was made that all window managers
   would reparent the windows for forms within a window with the
   decorations (i.e. title bar and borders). But that's not the case
   (e.g. with the default 'metacity' window manager used by Gnome).
   That led to problems for programs that try to store the position of
   a window and set this position again when the program is run again.
   Also setting positions with negative posititons (which indicates
   that the position is meant relative to the right and/or bottom
   border of the screen) didn't work properly.

b) Bug (my own!) in goodies removed that led to texts on buttons
   being wrong or missing.

c) As J. P. Mellor pointed out inactivated input objects could
   still be edited. Hopefully corrected.

d) Removed a bug pointed out by Werner Heisch that crashed fdesign
   if the type of an object was changed.

e) Bug in fdesign fixed that led to crash when the type of a composite
   object was changed and then Restore or Cancel was clicked.

f) Forgotten removal of tooltip in deletion of object added, could
   lead to a segmentation fault.

There are still one or two bugs on my list but about which I am not
sure yet if they are XForms bugs or in the application progams and
where I am still looking forward to receiving further informations.

And then there's a problem with building XForms on AIX 5.3 where
make stops with a crash in fdesign when creating the demo programs.
While I got all the logs of the make process I unfortunately wasn't
able yet to figure out what needs to be done about it. Problem is
that I never used AIX and also have no access to such a machine.
So if someone here has either experience with AIX and feels like
trying to solve the problem or would be able to temporarily give
me an account on such machine for testing please send me an email.

And, as usual, please tell me about everything you find that's not
working correctly!
                              Best regards, Jens
  \   Jens Thoms Toerring  ________      jt at toerring.de
   \_______________________________      http://toerring.de
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