[XForms] New pre-release 1.0.91pre7

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Mon May 5 10:49:36 EDT 2008

To subscribers of the xforms list

Hello everybody,

    not that you get the idea that I have been totally lazy,
sitting in the sun and twiddling my thumbs the last days ;-)
here's one more pre-release:


   And as usual here's the list of the things that got changed. A
lot of this is due to Andrea Scopece, who just joined the mailing
list and not only pointed out quite a number of problems but also
send in patches!

a) The '-flversion' option didn't work. Now hopefully it does.

b) There was a bug that resulted in a segmentation fault of the
   main demo program.

c) Resizing of scrollbars works again, but with a twist: verti-
   cal scrollbars get resized per defaulu in y-direction only,
   while horizontal ones in x-direction. I guess that's what most
   people would expect.

d) The version information output by the library now contains
   all information, not only the first three lines.

e) Jumping from one input field to another with <TAB> and Shift-<TAB>
   now works correctly and for all types of input fields, including
   multi-line input fields (that before did nothing on <TAB>s at all).

f) Date input fields handle verification of leap years correctly.

g) Hiding a form that contains a canvas doesn't result in an XError
   anymore when the canvas hasn't been unmapped before.

h) When a file selector has a callback installed the field for
   manually entering a file name isn't shown anymore - that field
   could not be used anyway.

i) Message boxes created by fl_show_message() and fl_show_messages()
   now can display an unlimited amout of text and they automatically
   get a size so that the whole text fits in.

   Moreover, there's a new function fl_show_msg(), that takes a
   printf()-like format string and then an unspecified number of
   arguments (as amny as there are format specifiers in the format

j) Removed limits on numbers of forms, objects and groups fdesign
   can deal with. Moreover, the browser for groups is now a multi-
   browser as it looks it should have been from the start.

k) Spring cleaning: I started trying to distingish more clearly
   between things in the library that belong to the published API
   and those used only internally. Therefor I went through the
   lib/flinternals.h and lib/private/*.h files, removing function
   declarations that are also in <forms.h> or those for functions
   that don't exist anymore and renaming functions and macros not
   belonging to the public API to start with 'fli_' or 'FLI_' in-
   stead of 'fl_' and 'FL_'.

   There are quite a number of corner cases, i.e. functions that
   are in <forms.h> but that have never been documented. It's
   difficult to decide what to do in these cases: since the func-
   tion never have "officially" become part of the API one could
   argue that they should be taken out but, on the other hand,
   some existing programs might be using them by now anyway...

l) All cases where alert box pops up when there's an internal error
   (most likely due to the caller of a public function not passing
   the correct types of arguments) have been changed to print a
   message to stderr only - I don't think it's proper for a library
   to bother the end user with stuff popping up suddenly with some
   error messages they rather have no idea what they are meant for.
   And actually the whole error handling part of the library is in
   for a rewrite...

I guess there have been enough new developments by now to permit a
"real" new release (not 1.1.0 yet but 1.0.91). I also got a bit of
a feeling that not too much testing is going on (for the last pre-
releases I have not got much feedback except by two or three people),
so it may not make much sense to wait any longer - a "real" release
may stir things up a bit since it could also be noticed by those not
on the mailing list. Does anyone care to comment?

                             Best regards, Jens
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