[XForms] Tweak needed to build pre-test

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Sun Apr 13 06:22:50 EDT 2008

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Hello Peter,

On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 08:28:50PM -0400, Peter Galbraith wrote:
> I just downloaded the pre-test tar ball and found this small issue:
> In fdesign/fd
> $ grep forms.h * | grep include
> pallette.c:#include "forms.h"
> ui_attrib.c:#include "forms.h"
> ui_objs.c:#include "forms.h"
> ui_theforms.c:#include "forms.h"
> To get a clean build, this should be:
> #include "include/forms.h"
> The same goes for these files in fd/spec :
> browser_spec.c
> button_spec.c
> choice_spec.c
> counter_spec.c
> dial_spec.c
> freeobj_spec.c
> free_spec.c
> menu_spec.c
> pixmap_spec.c
> positioner_spec.c
> scrollbar_spec.c
> slider_spec.c
> twheel_spec.c
> xyplot_spec.c

Thank you very much for pointing that out! It seemed to built
cleanly on my machine (looks like the compiler somehow finds
it here without the "include/" in front of it) but I had no-
ticed that something strange was going on with "make install",
but which I had not understood yet. And that missing "include/"
it was!

Since I now had a closer look I also realized that for "normal"
cases, i.e. when you convert a *.fd file that belongs to a
regular project (and not to XForms itself) it should be

#include <forms.h>

and not

#include "include/forms.h"

as it used to be. I will add the changes to the CVS version and,
of course, it's going into the next pre-release.

                            Best regards, Jens
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