[XForms] Using Xform in background without display

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Thu Mar 13 14:02:21 EDT 2008

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Hi Didier,

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 05:07:01PM +0100, Didier Verkindt wrote:
> My application uses Xform for GUI and ROOT for making plots.
> And in some cases, I do not want to interact with the application,
> I would like to run it in background, producing a ROOT plot that
> is written as a jpg file (thanks to ROOT's class TImageDump)
>  TImageDump *imgdump = new TImageDump(jpgFileName);
>  gDDCanvas->Paint();
>  TImage *img = imgdump->GetImage();
>  img->SetImageQuality(img->kImgFast);
>  img->SetImageCompression(60);
>  imgdump->Close();
>  imgdump->Delete();

None of these functions seem to be from XForms but ROOT (at
least as far as I can tell), so if you don't use any XForms
functions you don't have to invoke fl_initialize() at all.

I think if this is the case it's rather simple. Do something
like this (sorry, it's in C and not C++, but I am not that
good at C++ and it probably will be nearly the same):

main( int    argc,
      char * argv[ ] )
    int i;

    for ( i = 1; i < argc; i++ )
        if ( ! strcmp( argv[ i ], "-nodisplay" ) )

    if ( i == argc )        /* "-nodisplay" not found */
        fl_initialize( &argc, argv, "Whatever", 0, 0 );

That way you avoid calling fl_initialize() when the program
is invoked with the "-nodisplay" option. And that should be
fine as long as you don't call any XForms functions after-
wards (you will probably find out if you do so anyway since
then XForms would complain loudly;-)

                         Best regards, Jens
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