[XForms] New pre-release: xforms-1.0.92.pre4

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Thu Jun 11 02:05:54 CEST 2009

To subscribers of the xforms list

Hi everybody,

  sorry to bother you again, but I found that I had mis-
understood some aspects of the browser related functions,
especially concerning the treatment of newline characters
within the strings passed to the functions for adding,
inserting and replacing lines. Thus I went back and cor-
rected the code to make it work as far as possible like
former XForms versions (and also updated the documenta-
tion to spell out things in a way that even I hopefully
will be able to understand what's supposed to be going

The result is a fresh upload of the 1.0.92pre4 version of
the sources for the library as well of the documentation.
Please use that for testing instead of the version from
                        Best regards, Jens
  \   Jens Thoms Toerring  ________      jt at toerring.de
   \_______________________________      http://toerring.de
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