[XForms] New pre-release: xforms-1.0.92pre3

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> > Anyway, as that is the case, wouldn't it make sense to have all
> the
> > prototypes use 'long' since the FL_OBJECT argument member that
> > fl_set_object_callback sets is 'long' anyway? It shouldn't break
> any
> > existing code, and we'd be consistent at least. Any conversions
> from 'void
> > *' to 'long' and back would continue to behave the same, and we
> could always
> > switch any such unsafe code to use the extra u_ members, right?
> But then you would get a lot of warnings (and perhaps even com-
> pile time errors with C++) for existing programs that use correct
> arguments for e.g. form callbacks which expect a void pointer in-
> stead of a long. I guess I would be pretty annoyed if my cleanly
> compiling code suddenly would throw lots of warnings or worse...

It suddenly occurs to me that I've been arguing the wrong thing. From
glancing around, it seems to me that callbacks on FL_OBJECTs (e.g., that
can be set from fdesign) take 'long' for user data and all remaining
callbacks (that have a user data arg) use 'void *'. Is that wrong?

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